Oil Movements reports on current and near term sea borne oil flows, looking at events through the window provided by visible activity in the spot tanker market. The weekly review gives timely signals of change in global oil flows, and implications for the crude oil market.

The point of looking at the spot tanker market is to get a forward view of crude oil flows, looking 1-4 weeks ahead. We have developed methods of predicting major oil flows from available tanker market information, using our extensive historical databases on global tanker movements, and spot fixture reports.

IOil Movements has attracted a wide audience for its analysis of oil exports (tanker sailings) two weeks ahead; oil in transit, and regional imports. For long haul crudes, prospective imports into the key Atlantic basin markets are sized up four weeks ahead.

* We have published a weekly newsletter since late 1987, and built an industry wide reputation on this platform (see press references). Six years ago, in the course of a commercial dispute with a leading maritime information supplier – which put their data sources out of reach - we rethought our strategy. We had achieved good coverage of events in the recent past, but had not achieved our primary aim - “reading” the tanker market to get a view forward. History is great, but we’ve been there. The question everybody wants answered is - what happens next? This is where the new Oil Movements focuses attention.

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